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Atlanta's Mississippi weekend canceled over anti-LGBT law

Another Mississippi goodwill event has been wiped out by the state's new "religious freedom" law.

Atlanta's Mississippi Weekend, which raises thousands for scholarships to send a Georgia student to a Mississippi college or university, has been suspended for at least this year.

The suspension includes the Scholarship Golf Tournament, the Annual Mississippi Night at the Braves games and the 8th Annual Mississippi in the Park Celebration at Chastain Park in Atlanta, according to a mailer from the organization to its members.

"In light of the surrounding controversy and circumstances with passage of the recent Mississippi legislation, the Mississippi Society of Georgia announces with great regret the Mississippi Weekend in Atlanta," it said in the mailer.

The mailer didn't mention HB 1523, but it did say:

"The Mississippi Society of Georgia has been a diverse and inclusive organization since its inception in 2010. We do not discriminate, and we welcome all within the organization and to all our events."

It also didn't say whether it opposed the all nor did it join in a call for the repeal of the law, and no one from the organization to an email request for comment.

The group did say it planned to go ahead with plans to award a scholarship this year.

Supporters say the bill, signed by Gov. Phil Bryant earlier this year, protects people with deeply held religious beliefs from lawsuits by people they refuse to serve because of those beliefs. Opponents say it targets lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals and anyone who has had sex outside marriage.