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Palazzo calls for public condemnation of Obama

U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo, 2014
U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo, 2014 SUN HERALD

Rep. Steven Palazzo announced Thursday he is introducing a resolution to censure President Barack Obama over what the congressman said is misuse of his authority as president.

Palazzo's announcement comes days after Obama issued an executive order to expand background checks for those who wish to buy guns.

He claims Obama is violating the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

"For seven years, the president has gradually expanded his powers through executive overreach," Palazzo said. "The American people demand we fight back against this president's overreach and this is the best way we can fight and win."

The president's order for expanded background checks has met resistance from Republican members of Mississippi's congressional delegation, including Sens. Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran.

State-level Republicans also have voiced opposition to Obama's four-part plan to reduce gun violence.

The last president to officially be censured by the Senate was Andrew Jackson in 1834.

Resolutions were introduced to censure presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton but were not passed by Congress.

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