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Palazzo named to two committees, including Armed Services

Congressman-elect Steven Palazzo earned two committee assignments, which he will serve on when the 112th Congress convenes in January, his office announced today.

Palazzo will serve on the House Armed Services Committee and the Scient and Technology Committee. He will officially be sworn in on January 5.

“I am honored my colleagues selected me to serve on these vital committees.” Palazzo said in a press release. “The responsibilities under the Armed Services and Science and Technology are critical to South Mississippi and our regional economy."

The House Armed Services Committee is responsible for funding and oversight of the Department of Defense the armed forces. Palazzo has served in the military since 1988, and recently re-enlisted this year for another three years in the Mississippi Army National Guard.

“At a time when so much is being asked of our military, I am honored to represent South Mississippi in this important position. My membership on this key committee enables me to ensure our men and women have the resources they need to protect our nation while strengthening the military bases and industries throughout the 4th Congressional District,” Palazzo said.

The House Science and Technology Committee has jurisdiction over NASA, marine research, and science education.

"Stennis Space Center is an important part of South Mississippi,” he said. “By serving on this committee, I will work to strengthen this national asset. I also look forward to working with our education partners within South Mississippi to advance science and technology opportunities that will help create jobs and keep our state at the forefront of innovation."