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‘In God We Trust’ is coming to your Mississippi license plate

Mississippi’s blue guitar license plates are going away, and Gov. Phil Bryant used social media Thursday to announce the new replacement.

His tweet shows a tan license plate with the state seal in the center.

“I was proud to sign legislation in 2014 that added the United States National Motto, ‘In God We Trust,’ to the Mississippi State Seal,” Bryant tweeted. “Today, I am equally delighted to announce that it will adorn our new Mississippi license plates.”

New plates will be available to drivers starting in January, he said.

Mississippi Department of Revenue was scheduled to replace those blue license plates featuring BB King’s legendary guitar “Lucille” starting in October 2017. But the Legislature did not fund new plates, said Kathy Waterbury, the government affairs and communications director for the department.

The Legislature did fund the new plates this year, she said.

The state generally changes license plates every five years. So the blue guitars have been on vehicles since 2012, when they replaced the Biloxi Lighthouse plates.