‘I’m a big bully, OK?’ California mom charged in threats against daughter’s bullies

A Southern California mother faces charges after going into her daughter’s classroom and threatening to beat up the families of children that she accused of bullying her daughter.

Christian Chylyn Prince-Tinsley, a Mission Viejo 33-year-old, is scheduled to appear in court on the misdemeanor charge on Nov. 6 — and if convicted, she could face up to a year in jail, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release Tuesday.

She’s accused going into the girl’s classroom May 14 and “telling her daughter’s classmates at Niguel Hills Middle School to leave her daughter alone or she will hurt their sisters, aunts and moms. Tinsley also asked the teacher to pass out a stack of tickets that read ‘Free A** kicking. Must be 18 or older to redeem,’” the District Attorney’s Office said.

Cellphone video captured the incident and went viral.

“Leave my daughter alone — and I’m not going to say it again,” the woman in front of the classroom tells the children in the video. “Y’all think you’re all bullies? I’m a big bully, OK?”

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An assistant principal escorted Prince-Tinsley out of the school after the teacher called for help, and the “Capistrano Unified School District banned her from returning to the school,” prosecutors said.

The school has also “upgraded security safeguards to prevent unauthorized people from having access to the campus,” according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Prince-Tinsley said that before launching into the tirade in May, she asked the teacher if she could speak to the students and was told yes, Inside Edition reported.

“Looking back, I do regret using the one curse word that I used, but in my mind this was not toward the children, this was me trying to get my message across to the parents,” she told Inside Edition.

Warning: the video below contains explicit language.

As for the bullying, Inside Edition reports that Prince-Tinsley’s daughter, Jade, said boys in her class “called me a monkey, they’ve called me the N-word … And they’ll just talk about me all the time. ... It kind of made me feel really bad about myself.”

Prince-Tinsley previously said she went to the school because of a disturbing comment her daughter made.

“She made a comment to me that if she wasn’t as strong as she was, she would have killed herself,” Prince-Tinsley said, according to CBSLA. “That’s when mama bear mode went into effect.”

But District Attorney Todd Spitzer said that “this incident was way more than an attempt to address accusations of bullying.”

“This was a deliberate act intended to terrorize a room full of young children in the very space where they are supposed to be safe,” Spitzer said in a statement. “There were lawful and appropriate ways for Prince-Tinsley to address her concerns. Sneaking on campus, entering a classroom during class, taking over the class and verbally threatening 12-14-year-old students as an adult was way beyond the bounds of being a concerned parent.”

Prince-Tinsley is charged with interference with the good order and administration of a school classroom with the intent to disrupt.

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