Poop-smearing vandal who targeted parked cars in Chicago is arrested, police say

Months after residents of a Chicago neighborhood began finding poop smeared on their cars, a suspect has finally been arrested, police say.

It was June when a surveillance camera caught video of a man smearing poop on a parked car in Bridgeport, WBBM reported. It had happened at least six times prior, neighbors said.

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Ke Hu, 46, faces a number of charges after police say he smeared poop on parked cars in Chicago earlier this year. Chicago Police Department

Bridgeport resident Tommy Wu noticed the poo on his front windshield and under the right passenger door handle, the outlet reported. “No it didn’t smell. I’m glad for that, honestly.”

Police say the man in the video — now identified as Ke Hu, age 46 — would wear white gloves and carry a paper bag as he smeared poop on vehicles throughout the neighborhood, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. He allegedly also defaced a storefront.

It was not reported whether the poop was animal or human.

Hu was arrested last Tuesday and faces a number of charges including one count of felony criminal damage to property, nine counts of misdemeanor criminal property defacement and one county of misdemeanor criminal damage to property, Block Club reported.

Hu’s bond was set at $10,000 and he is due back in court on Tuesday, according to the outlet. County records indicate he was placed on electronic home monitoring in the meantime, the Sun Times reported.

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