Remember Longaberger baskets? ‘Big Basket’ building will soon be a luxury hotel in Ohio

Ever dreamed of sleeping in a basket? The Longaberger Company’s former headquarters is becoming a luxury hotel in Ohio, officials say.

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The Longaberger Company made hand-woven baskets, and designed their building to look like one. Google Street Image taken June 2018, ©Google 2019

The seven-story building is shaped like one of the company’s iconic baskets.

Ohio Senator Jay Hottinger announced the news in a Twitter post on Saturday.

The Longaberger Company made hand-woven baskets that were hugely popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The operation moved from “The Big Basket Building” in Newark to the company’s manufacturing campus in 2016, but the outfit ultimately shuttered in 2018, the Newark Advocate Reported.

Now, developer Steve Coon has plans to breathe new life into the property with a 150-room luxury hotel, replete with a restaurant and indoor pool, according to the news outlet.

Hottinger told the Columbus Dispatch the building might have been destroyed were it not repurposed.

“It’s an iconic building. To be put back into use would put a tremendous asset back into the community,” Hottinger said, according to the outlet. “I really believe the basket was in danger of having a much worse end result.”

Developers have not committed to a name for the new hotel, but say they hope to pay homage to its Longaberger history, WSYX reported.

“It was a fabulous facility and I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with it but there was enough here that I knew I could do something positive,” Coon told the news outlet.

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