Virginia meteorologist cut into NBA semifinals for tornado warning. He’s not sorry

A Virginia meteorologist isn’t sorry for interrupting the NBA semifinals with a tornado warning.

George Flickinger, chief meteorologist at a Virginia TV station, received angry phone calls from basketball fans when the station showed Game 7 of the Western Conference NBA semifinals on a split screen while giving a tornado warning on Wednesday, according to Tulsa World.

“We get it, there’s a tornado, it’s been on the TV for over 20 minutes and I’m trying to watch the last three minutes, not on the BS split screen. This is BS, you guys are terrible at your jobs,” one caller said, according to Deadspin.

This isn’t the first time Flickinger has gotten hate for interrupting a sports program.

In 2006, he was fired from a Tulsa TV station for interrupting a football game to give an evacuation notice due to wildfires, according to Tulsa World.

But Flickinger isn’t sorry for what happened Wednesday.

He said in a video that the station isn’t going to apologize for giving the warning during the game.

“We take this responsibility very seriously and, if we had the chance to do it all over again, we would,” he said in the video.