Good luck using Maps on your iPhone to navigate D'Iberville


D'IBERVILLE -- Using the maps app on your iPhone to arrive at a destination in D'Iberville is problematic, as the technology doesn't recognize most of the road work completed by the city since July 2013.

The maps app programmed on iPhone mobile devices does not recognize the flyover bridge connecting Sangani Boulevard to Promenade Parkway. Drivers using maps to get there are instructed to turn left off Mississippi 67/15 into the Promenade when they should actually be in turning lanes to go right, driving over Interstate 110.

The fastest route to Interstate 10 or Interstate 110 once drivers are inside of the city also isn't recognizable on the platform, for the new Diverging Diamond doesn't show on the app. Neither does the newly renovated Big Bridge Road that connects drivers on Lamey Bridge Road to Popp's Ferry Road to get to Biloxi and to the diverging diamond that allows drivers to exit west on Interstate 10.

The new eastbound exit ramp to allow drivers onto Interstate 10 just off Lamey Bridge Road also doesn't show on the app.

City officials are aware of the issues and said changing that on the maps app is out of their hands.

"We don't have much power over that, so when they make their update is when I guess that will happen," said city planner Jeff Taylor.

Ryan King had trouble navigating D'Iberville earlier in March when he was headed to his first day of work at an auto dealership in the Promenade. "It was sending me down an exit that wasn't there," he said. "It kept making me U-turn. I ended up having to just guess how to get there."

A solution for the mobile GPS confusion is rather simple: Drivers who carry iPhones should download the Google Maps app.

It is available as a free download in the app store, and it does recognize the new roads, exits and flyover in D'Iberville.

Taylor said Google does its own mapping and makes national changes as they see fit. Google Maps comes stock on new model Samsung Galaxy devices.

The city has hired an independent marketing firm to help design an app that would give users easy-to-follow directions to any business in D'Iberville. Taylor said it should launch within two to three months. The app will be free, Taylor said, and it will be compatible with any smartphone brand.