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Reporter leaves purse by open window for hours, acquires new perspective

Found my purse, right where I’d left it, under the open window.
Found my purse, right where I’d left it, under the open window.

I had to write this, considering the line of work I'm in, surrounded by crime news.

Yesterday, I spent several hours at the Pascagoula Public Library — hours when the library was experiencing pretty heavy traffic, all sorts of people in and out.

I had hauled in my computer equipment, telephone and other assorted devices and was working on a story at my usual table, getting lost in a feature about the lengths to which one will go for love.

When I left, I discovered something that stopped me cold.

I sat down in the driver's seat, looked to the right and realized my passenger side window was completely open. I must have hit the down button instead of the up, when I left to go in.

I didn't even want to look around the car.

But when I did, I found it just as I had left it – purse on the floor under the open window, lunch bag on the seat, valuables in the back seat. Nothing was disturbed.

Downtown Pascagoula, high traffic area for hours, nothing disturbed.

I had a similar experience in Moss Point years ago that people find hard to believe.

In my driveway on Dantzler Street (a heavily traveled route from Main Street to the High School), I left the huge tailgate door of my van wide open, facing the street, with many valuables sitting just inside. The whole back of the van was open and inviting with my things on display all night long.

I had been interrupted trying to unload things from the van, back when I had younger children and interruptions were more urgent.

All night long, valuable electronic equipment, purse, etc. on display. Nothing was taken.

Just sayin’.