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Nicolas Cage ain't afraid of no (Biloxi) ghosts


Rumors of Nicolas Cage being afraid of Biloxi ghosts is untrue, a publicist for 'Southern Fury' says.
Rumors of Nicolas Cage being afraid of Biloxi ghosts is untrue, a publicist for 'Southern Fury' says. Summit Entertainment

According to a report on the radio station website, actor Nicolas Cage was leery of some evil spirits in South Mississippi.

The website reported that Cage halted the production of “Southern Fury,” which was recently filmed on the Coast, because of some evil spirits, claiming he refused to shoot a scene in a house until the spirits were removed. The website quoted an anonymous source as saying that someone was called to rid the home of the haints.

Is tough guy Nic Cage afraid of ghosts? And where in Biloxi are the ghosts located?

I knew I needed to “Scooby Doo” the mystery, so I went to the expert: Kathryn Tucker Windham’s masterpiece, “13 Mississippi Ghosts and Jeffrey.” In case you were wondering, Jeffrey was something like Ms. Windham’s pet ghost.

While Jeffrey left me hanging, claims there are a few spooky spots in Biloxi, incliding Keesler Air Force Base. Word is Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis home, also is a place for activity that is considered paranormal.

So, there is a chance that Cage rolled up on a Biloxi home full of some unwanted spirits.

This is the guy, after all, that some say has a pet baby alligator in a bathtub, while others claim he owns two king cobras and an octopus.

And while Cage may be afraid of ghosts behind closed doors, there’s no truth to the Biloxi story.

Jean Marie Murphy, the film’s publicist, said the report was false and that Cage was a “total professional” and was great to work with.

There’s also the fact that Cage didn’t shoot any scenes in any homes on the Coast.

Murphy said Cage’s scenes were shot at Slap Ya Mama BBQ, the Biloxi Bar and Strip Club, the Star Lounge, the Black Bear and the Flamingo Beach Inn.

Where, exactly, would one find someone on the Coast to remove evil spirits?

Say, for instance, there’s something strange in your neighborhood -- who are you going to call? What if there’s something weird and it don’t look good, who are you going to call?

And lastly, if you have a dose of freaky ghosts, well, you better call someone and quickly.

Jeff Clark is a staff writer for the Sun Herald. He is afraid of ghosts, haunts, goblins and ghouls.

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