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Fried Oreos? I’m in!


A fried Oreo that has been bitten into.
A fried Oreo that has been bitten into.

The sign reading “Fried Oreos $1.99 (3 ct.)” grabbed my attention when I was ordering lunch at the Frosty Mug, 514 S. Magnolia Dr., Wiggins, on Saturday after a round of golf at Pine Burr Country Club.

So, after I finished my Double Lot O Bacon Cheeseburger ($5), half fries, half onion rings ($2.55), I ordered a batch.

I’d never had fired Oreos, so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect.

When I got them I was pleasantly surprised. They looked like beignets, covered in powdered sugar.

I bit into it and, wow! They tasted like beignets with a gooey melted Oreo filling in the center.

I got home later and Googled them and found out most recipes say to batter the Oreos in pancake batter, deep fry them, then coat them in powdered sugar. Mmm! Mmm! Sounds dangerous, in more ways than one.

I’ll leave the Oreo frying to the experts, but I’ll surely order them on my next trip to the Frosty Mug.

Meanwhile, be sure to read my review of the Frosty Mug in Friday’s Marquee.

-- Scott Hawkins is the sports and features editor for the Sun Herald.