By the Way

Rolling waves, a flat tire and seasickness -- for gantry cranes

By John Fitzhugh

It’s funny how the Mississippi Sound always looks smoother from Highway 90 than it does from a 33-foot boat.

Especially today.

We had an offer for a ride to go meet the freighter Zhen Hua 16 as it made the last leg of it’s trip from China to Gulfport.

Just a quick run to Ship Island. No Problem.

I never knew that the area between Ship and Cat Islands — right where we were headed — is the roughest part of the Mississippi Sound. That’s what our captain, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Master Sgt. Chris Mask told us, and I believe him.

The TV reporter on the trip believes him too. It wasn’t a pleasant ride for her.

At 5 to 6 feet, the seas had our boat rocking and rolling, and so was her stomach.

After we got out to the ship, we held on with one hand while trying to take photos and video with the other. The video may be a little shaky.

Mask said the seas were “moderate,” he’d seen much worse.

The TV reporter finally gave in and heaved a bit off the side of the boat. I held her by the belt loop just in case we go t his by a rogue wave.

I wondered about the quality of the stitching.

We finally made it back. The TV reporter said she just wanted to “go home and cry.”

The flat tire she was greeted by didn’t help.