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This Long Beach bakeshop’s milkshakes are bringing all the boys (and girls) to the yard

Dayna and Charlie Clark enjoy milkshakes at Dolce Bakeshop in Long Beach, Mississippi on Saturday, August 4, 2018.
Dayna and Charlie Clark enjoy milkshakes at Dolce Bakeshop in Long Beach, Mississippi on Saturday, August 4, 2018.

There’s a great line about in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 groundbreaking classic “Pulp Fiction”

No. It’s not that quote. While the McDonald’s quote is iconic, there are a few other great food moments.

While having dinner with Mia Wallace, the wife of gangster Marsellus Wallace, at 1950s retro diner Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Vincent Vega chides Mia for ordering a “$5 shake.” But Vega changes his tune when he tastes the milkshake.

“That’s a pretty (expletive) good milkshake,” Vega exclaims.

But that was 1994. And while $5 may have seemed expensive to the character played by John Travolta, Vega probably wouldn’t even bat an eye at the $10 milkshakes served at Dolce Bakeshop in Long Beach.

He probably would have used more curse words in his description, as well, because Dolce’s shakes are that good. Good enough for all the curse words, or maybe just “Yummy,” which is how my 3-year-old son Charlie described his shake at Dolce.

The game changer

The bakery, located at 112 W. 3rd St. in downtown Long Beach, has made quite a reputation for itself with its cupcakes, cakes and macarons, which are not pronounced macaroons like you may be saying in your head. No, macarons and macaroons are different cookies.

And now Dolce is changing the milkshake game.

If you’re on Instagram, and, like, seriously, who’s not on Instagram, you’ve probably had a friend or two who have been to Orange Beach and posted a photo of a milkshake that was something of an architectural wonder.

Remember when upscale bloody marys became a thing with everything from candied bacon to sliders and fried chicken hanging over the edges of the glass? This is the era of milkshakes that we have entered: structurally-challenged shakes that look amazing on Instagram and Snapchat.

Dolce owners Brooke and William Rester have changed the milkshake game on the Gulf Coast with innovative flavors that look stunning.

The Clarks take the challenge

On a recommendation from my friends Jenny Levens and Christine Duhe, we decided to try the frozen treats.

Unfortunately, for me, I don’t eat dairy and I don’t eat much sugar. So, I brought in the A team — my wife, Dayna, and our son, Charlie. They happily accepted the challenge. Who doesn’t want to spend a Saturday morning trying milkshakes?

And it was actually challenging for them, well, at least for Dayna. There are 13 varieties of the shakes on Dolce’s menu that feature everything from fresh fruit to cookies, candy and even coffee.

Charlie made his decision quickly — he wanted the special Harry Potter Butterbeer Shake. I hope it was because I’ve been showing him the first Harry Potter movies because I’m an awesome dad, but it was probably because the shake came with a chocolate pretzel “wand.”

Dayna is a bit more indecisive, except when it comes to heavy metal. She doesn’t like it. It’s not often that I get to listen to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on 180 gram vinyl while making dinner.

After much pondering, she decided on the Pie in The Sky, and she was very happy with that decision. It featured praline ice cream, dark chocolate, homemade whipped cream topped with an entire pecan cookie ( a “Sandie”) and a whole piece of pecan pie sticking out of the top of the chocolate-covered Mason jar glass.

The Harry Potter Butterbeer had vanilla ice cream, butterscotch pieces, cream soda and the chocolate-covered pretzel wand. There may have been more in it because it wasn’t on the menu. If you could actually pick your own Patronus in life, it would be this milkshake.

And Dayna loved the Pie in The Sky. It was like getting all the desserts in one frosty mug.

An act of treason?

This is how good the shakes are at Dolce: During our visit Saturday, we were chatting with Gulfport High School Band director Wes Morehead and his wife and daughter. Wes has been at Gulfport High for almost 20 years. He was even sporting his orange polo with the Admirals blue “G” on it.

So what did Wes order? Why Dolce’s KitKat-topped delight, which just happens to be named after the Long Beach mascot. Yes, Wes was eating the Bearcat. And it was so good that he even let me take a photo of him eating it.

The final thoughts

You need to see and try these milkshakes to really understand them. They are something to see and they are delicious. They will look great on your social media accounts and they will make your belly happy. You don’t even have to be sad when the experience is over because you get to keep your Mason jar glass, complete with Dolce’s logo. You can relive your first time trying one over and over — or you could just go back and try a different flavor.

As little Charlie said on the way home, “That’s a pretty (expletive) good milkshake.”

I mean, he said it was “Yummy, Daddy.”

 good milk shake.