By the Way

BTW, what’s your legislative Valentine?

Sometimes reporters, politicians and community organization leaders need a little break to laugh at ourselves.

Or, mostly, laugh at the Mississippi Legislature. And there’s a lot to laugh about if you’re the type of person who’s amused by motions to reconsider hundred-page budget proposals and constitutional referendums.

Enter #mslegvalentines.

AP statehouse reporters Jeff Amy and Emily Wagster Pettus had plenty of good ones.

“Valentine, my love for you exceeds the legislative budget recommendations. #mslegvalentines”

“Valentine, there’s no need for a study committee to determine my love for you. #mslegvalentines”

“Our love is beyond understanding, like an electronic bill reader cranked up to 11. #mslegvalentines #underscore”

R.L. Nave, an editor at Mississippi Today, also got in on it.

And so did co-worker Justin Vicory.

Rep. David Bara (@dbaria) used his tweet to throw a little shade at his colleagues across the aisle.

Make sure to check out the rest on Twitter using the hashtag #mslegvalentines.