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Forget pumpkin spice, this song is the best thing about fall

Pumpkin Spice Oreos are one of many pumpkin spice products available this fall.
Pumpkin Spice Oreos are one of many pumpkin spice products available this fall. TNS

And just like that, it’s the 21st day of September.

If you don’t know, September 21 is immortalized in the Earth Wind & Fire song “September.”

No song says “Welcome to fall” quite the way “September” does. It’s a happy song about singing and dancing and holding hands. “September” is one of the most popular songs of all-time, and with good reason — it’s better than pumpkin spice, the pumpkin patch and pumpkin pie. It is the essence of fall.

Ba-dee-ya, y’all.

“September” was written by Allee Willis and EWF's fearless leader, Maurice White. White died earlier this year and his death kind of got lost in the shadow of the deaths of David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince and Merle Haggard and that’s a shame —Maurice White was every bit as important to music as any of those artists. If Prince were still around, I’m sure he would tell you how important EWF was to both funk and pop music.

EWF was one of the first bands to embrace the magic of David Foster, who wrote and arranged “In The Stone,” which was featured in the movie “Drumline,” and one of the band’s biggest hits, “After The Love is Gone.”

I’m a Foster-file, ie, a fan of David Foster. He wrote, along with Steve Lukather (Toto), the great Tubes hit “She’s a Beauty.” Foster also produced the song, which featured Lukather on guitar and Bill Champlin and then-Toto lead singer Bobby Kimball on backing vocals. Foster also breathed new life into Chicago with a string of hits including “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.”

But I digress — back to fall.

“September” isn’t the only song about fall. Autumn has long been a topic for songwriters or poets.

Here are some other songs to help set your fall in motion. And yes, these songs are also better than pumpkin spice and hayrides.

Stay gold, Pony Boy.