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Seabee gives kids a homecoming surprise for Christmas

Jayden Egger had been writing in his journal in Kristina Kovacevich's class that he hoped his dad would be home for Christmas.

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 helped make that wish come true Friday when Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Egger and his wife, Angie, surprised Jayden, 7, and his sister Kylie, 5, at Anniston Elementary this afternoon.

Egger was among the final group of Seabees from NMCB 7 to arrive home today, giving the entire battalion Christmas at home this year after a 10-month deployment.

Kylie was surprised first when her dad walked into her classroom. She just stared before reaching up to hug her dad, then started crying. Mom Angie joined in and before he knew it, Jeff was misty-eyed as well.

Next, Jayden was up. His class had been journaling about what they wanted for Christmas and Jayden said he'd hoped his dad would be home.

"His Christmas wish did come true," Kovacevich said. "That's what he was writing about."

After the surprise reunion, the Eggers got out of school early to do a little grocery shopping with mom and dad before a family meal out.

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