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Payday loans are a bad idea for military members during government shutdown, Keesler says

Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, MS
Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, MS

Keesler Air Force Base is urging military members to avoid taking out payday loans during the government shutdown and instead to check with military friendly banks.

“If you or your families are concerned about your financial situation going into this shutdown, please be aware many military friendly banks are offering service members no interest loans to ease this burden,” a post on Keesler’s Facebook page says.

The Keesler AFB Airman & Family Readiness Center's Military One Source and Military Family Life Counselor services are unaffected by the shutdown, for those needing financial guidance.

Airmen attending initial technical training at Keesler will be unaffected. All other service members on temporary duty assignment should check with their chain of command for reporting instructions.

Keesler will continue to update information on its Facebook page. For more information, members of the military can visit DODLive online.

Brian Lamar, public affairs officer for the Naval Construction Battalion Center, said military members, who are all considered mission-essential personnel, will continue reporting for work.

He said civil-service employees are expected at work Monday morning to go through a 15-minute shutdown procedure, which will include changing voice mails and email to indicate they are out and who to contact for emergencies.

The Navy Exchange will remain open. Lamar said the Seabee Base will publish a more comprehensive list of shutdown operations Monday on its Facebook page.

Keesler’s post also runs down the shutdown’s effects on other base businesses and services:

▪  CDC/Youth Center will remain open if the shutdown has not been resolved by Monday.

▪  Exchange/Shoppette hours will not be affected.

▪  The Commissary will close after Wednesday.

▪  The Playplace will be closed starting Monday.

▪  McBride Commons will be closed Sunday and will close at 4 p.m. on all subsequent days.

▪  Dining facilities remain open.

▪  The Post Office will be open.

▪  School-aged programs are open.

▪  Recreation and sports at the Youth Center will be closed starting Monday.

▪  Sablich Center services will remain open.