Katrina + 10

William W. Morris, 75, Pass Christian

Never mind that William W. Morris lived in a travel trailer smaller than some of FEMA's, because that's how he wanted it, said his longtime friend and neighbor, Betty Bowen of Pass Christian.

He lived for the dogs that he raised, she said, which were housed in three or four igloos inside his fenced yard.

He would have never left his trailer and never left his dogs, she said.

"When I saw that name (on the Katrina fatality list), I had a crushed feeling," she said.

Her friend, "Mr. Will," 75, lived on the beachfront on old U.S. 90. He is remembered as reclusive, yet kind and considerate to all.

"We had Bayview Marina by Annie's and he'd ride his bicycle down to get ice from us all summer," Bowen said. "It was always, 'Good morning. How are you?' to everybody along the way. People like that, you just don't find too many of."

"A lot of people thought he was just an old man that loved dogs," Bowen said. "That's not quite right. This man has a lot of property and other businesses in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. To look at him, you'd think he was the dirt-poorest man on Earth, but he wasn't. Uh-uh. He was very well-educated. He was very wealthy. He lived off a trust fund and never worked a day in his life; never had to.

"The people that knew him all cared for him. He'll never be forgotten."