Katrina + 10

Frances Odessa Saucier, 88, Biloxi

Odessa Saucier grew up in Biloxi and had lived on Pearl Street for more than a half century before Hurricane Katrina claimed her humble house. Anyone who met this religious, giving, charitable woman never forgot her.

The 90-year-old who barely reached 5 feet preferred to be identified as Frances Odessa Besse Hurley Saucier, a reflection of her interesting life. She was twice widowed, never had children, was the high school valedictorian and grew up in a family of noted local jewelers.

Her young years were spent in Biloxi's seafood factories and bookkeeping at a bank as well as the family business. But later in life, she made her calling collecting things, including pecans from her own yard, to raise money to give to numerous charities and the Catholic Church.

Saucier never drove. She cut an interesting figure as she walked the streets of Biloxi in her old, layered clothing. If she was given something nice by friends or family, it was immediately given to the needy. That was her way.