Katrina + 10

Elizabeth Brash, 87, Gulfport

Elizabeth "Beth" Brash wasn't fussed by the tedious work of turning her father's photographs of the Mississippi Coast into postcards, a process that took hand coloring and overlays.

Later, after taking over the state's second-oldest printing company from her parents, she kept a favorite Charles Kingsley quote on the wall: "Being forced to work and do your best breeds in one 100 virtues which the idle never know."

Gulfport Printing Company was a walk into the past, with its gorgeous wood paneling, old linotype machines and mishmash of old handbills, photos and, yes, the scenic postcards she sold until stock ran out.

Realizing their historical importance, Brash also donated postcards to local and state archives. She fought hard to keep the Coast's sense of place but was also happy to do modern print work for her regulars.

She lived in the vintage Brash family home, with a lawn abloom with azaleas and camellias, and she worked every day until cancer struck. Gulfport lost a devoted native, a few weeks shy of age 88, when Katrina caused a power shutdown that affected her oxygen supply while she was living with her sister in Pearl River, La.

"Beth knew Gulfport's history and shared it," said her sister, Mary Brash Griffin of Pearl River, La. "She had old directories to help people find bits of history. Most people don't keep all those things."