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Leroy Robinson, 55, Biloxi

Leroy "Lee" Robinson loved to make them smile. Be it at a barbecue or on the job, Robinson's infectious smile left a trail of admirers from Montgomery, Ala., to Biloxi.

Robinson, 55, was born in Montgomery and worked for nearly three decades as a salesman for the Barbers/Hall Brothers Milk Dairy.

"He was very good at his job," said Theodore Robinson, one of nine siblings. He was successful because "he kept them laughing."

Robinson got a job working for Ethel Clay as a custodian in her boarding house when he got to Biloxi five years ago.

"He was an honest fellow," Clay said. "He was always loyal to his word. He would joke, but he wouldn't joke too much around women. He would joke around men. He was a gentleman."

It was that free spirit that endeared him to his family during get-togethers, Theodore said. Well, that and his dressing.

"He was famous for his gravy," Theodore said. "Turkey and gravy, collard greens. Mm-mm. He was good."