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James G. Moultrie Jr. 53, Biloxi

Shine or Shine Dog. James G. Moultrie Jr. answered to either nickname.

People who didn't know the origin of the nickname thought it was because of his outgoing personality, relatives said.

Though Moultrie, 53, was crippled from rheumatoid arthritis, he enjoyed entertaining friends and relatives with a barbecue on a moment's notice. He used crutches or a wheelchair to get round at his home off Fountain Lane in Biloxi.

His sister, Janie Jackson, said she can still hear him say, "' Y'all want to throw some meat on the grill?' He loved to barbecue."

Moultrie suffered a bout with rheumatic fever when he was 12, a few years before his family moved to Biloxi from Selma, Ala. His parents wanted to be near relatives after Hurricane Camille struck.

Moultrie lived with his sister for several years, but his heart was set on being independent and living on his own.

The nickname came from his brother-in-law, Anthony Jackson, after Moultrie curled his hair and treated it with a shiny lotion.

"It did shine, just like him," Janet Jackson said. "He was a real sweetheart. He truly lived each day to its fullest."