Katrina + 10

William Schraberg 61, Pass Christian

PASS CHRISTIAN --- Bill Shraberg fell in love with the Gulf Coast when he moved to New Orleans to work as an administrative law judge.

When he retired, he bought a two-story brick home in Pass Christian, a house he had recently renovated, hurricane shutters included. He thought he would be safe in his home during Katrina and reportedly told friends, "I want to be here when CNN is here."

But after hanging onto a tree and being battered by wind, rain and sand for five hours, Shraberg, 61, suffered a heart attack the morning after Katrina and died.

"I think he just felt that he had all this money in his house, and he was retired and on a fixed income," said Shraberg's brother. "I guess he couldn't perceive life without his home. He loved where he was."

Friends and family remember him as a well-rounded man who loved politics, playing bridge, working out and reading. Shraberg was the organist for First Presbyterian Church in Bay St. Louis and a classical pianist.

He also enjoyed French wine, and his brother found one intact bottle on Shraberg's house's clean foundation.

"He had a really good life," David Shraberg, a physician in Lexington, Ky., said. "He was very well-liked and was a happy guy. He was a musician and played the church organ. He enjoyed politics and was very well-educated. He was a pretty well-rounded guy."

Bill Shraberg was a classical pianist and served as the organist for First Presbyterian Church in Bay St. Louis.