Katrina + 10

Jack Prather, 69, Biloxi

BILOXI - Jack Prather, who was helping at Seashore Mission Church when Hurricane Katrina hit the Coast, is remembered as a giving person.

"Jack was serving others when he lost his life," said the Rev. Elijah Mitchell, pastor of Seashore Mission United Methodist Church. "He had an opportunity to leave several times during the storm but decided to stay and help others."

Prather was on the mission staff as a driver. "He was on his last run taking others to shelters driving his personal van," said Mitchell. "He was always very, very helpful."

"Jack was such a generous man," said his wife, Elsie Prather of Dothan, Ala., in a telephone interview. "I'll always remember him as a very kind person."

She said that Prather was a very good father who loved his son.

Prather, 65, grew up in rural Illinois, and served his country in the military.

Prather's sister, Doris Liddell of Houston, Texas, called him "a really nice guy who was good about helping others."