Katrina + 10

Anna Marie Storment, 41, D'Iberville

GULFPORT --- Anna Marie Curington Storment, 41, went without to provide for her two children.

Storment survived a heart attack and a stroke when she was in her 20s. Although she lived on disability, the single mother was always willing to help others, said her daughter, 19-year-old Ashley Storment.

"She was loving, caring," said Ashley, whose brother, Jared, is 13. "She was somebody you could depend on, somebody who would stay by your side through anything."

Anna Storment was the youngest of 14 children. She took care of her mother and two disabled brothers for four or five years, said her sister, Mary Hebert, before moving to a D'Iberville apartment with her two children.

She was afraid the apartment complex parking lot would flood during Hurricane Katrina, so she stayed at her boyfriend's house a block off the beach in Gulfport, although her family begged her not to.

She could not swim, her family said. As the water rose, she telephoned her daughter.

"Her last words," Ashley said, "were, 'I love you. Tell your brother I love him. I'm not going to make it.' "