Katrina + 10

Allie Mae Scott, 95, Waveland

Allie Mae Scott's faith in God and independent streak served her well.

The 95-year-old Waveland resident, one of the oldest living founders of Mount Chapel Baptist Church, lived alone but stayed too busy to be lonely, according to friends.She kept busy with church work and did her own yard work at her home on Singleton Street until a year before her death in Hurricane Katrina. She was known for her passion for meeting the needs of others, especially the elderly.

"A real nice lady," said Sylvester Harrington, a relative by marriage.

"She did a lot to help senior citizens and was always working in the church. She was the mother of the church, one of only two founding members still living."

Her ability to remain active in her later years amazed friends and neighbors, Harrington said. She died in the storm at her son's nearby home on Herlihy Street. Her son drowned trying to rescue family members.