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Deborah Ann Chubb Law, 49, Gulfport

Many locals and visitors may remember 49-year-old Deborah Ann "Deb" Chubb Law as a feisty waitress at Ryan's Steakhouse in Gulfport who liked spending time with her friends and playing pool. But according to stepmother Patricia Chubb, Law also had a more tranquil and introspective side few people saw.

She was a constant correspondent, writing long letters to her loved ones in elegant script. She also loved poetry.

Joseph Chubb, Law's stepbrother from age 12, honored her poetic nature in a tribute that began, "I remember when I first met you, a wisp of a girl with long brown pigtails and almond-shaped eyes. I liked you immediately."

While putting together a scrapbook about her daughter, Patricia Chubb also found a card inscribed by Law with a favorite poem. She didn't know the author, but found it especially poignant and a good description of how she feels, "Like a song that remains in the heart when the music is playing no more, like a fragrance that stays in the air where a flower has blossomed before, like a poem that is warmly recalled long after the poet is gone, when a life is well-lived it will leave lovely memories lingering on."