Katrina + 10

Gerald Marshall, 64, Long Beach

Gerald Marshall's cousin, Jimmy Johnson, works for the Harrison County Sheriff's Department, and even he didn't know Marshall had passed away "until a week, maybe two after the storm."

The care facility in which Marshall was living moved all of its residents out of the area before Katrina, and Johnson says he understands Marshall "suffered heart failure and died during transfer." He was 64.

He had been incapacitated for more than five years, having had a major stroke in early 2000, but his cousin remembers better times --- when Marshall was a student at Long Beach High School (Class of 1958), then Mississippi State, and after he graduated, he worked as an assistant engineer with MDOT for years.

"Gerry had a beautiful voice, too," Johnson remembers. "He sang with the choir at St. Thomas (Catholic Church) right up until the time he had his stroke.

"And he had a great sense of humor; he enjoyed joking with everybody when we'd have family outings."

Marshall, who never married, is survived by more than two dozen cousins.

"Oh, yes," Johnson adds, "the family was all French (their mothers were sisters), so he learned to cook, and he was a really, really good cook."

A memorial service for Marshall took place near the end of September.