Katrina + 10

Wilfred Morgan, 43, Pass Christian

Photos of Wilfred Morgan, who died in Pass Christian.
Photos of Wilfred Morgan, who died in Pass Christian.

Wilfred John Morgan, 43, is remembered as shy and leery of strangers and crowds.

That may be why, his cousin Shawn Twyner said, Morgan decided to ride out the storm in his grandparents' Pass Christian home.

Morgan was born in Houston, Texas, but lived most of his life in Pass Christian. After graduating from Pass High in 1979, he attended William Carey and earned his degree in social work.

His career took him back to Texas, where he worked in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But Twyner said it was only for a few years before he returned to the Pass.

Morgan's family tried to get him to go to a shelter with them, but he refused, perferring the solitude of his grandparents' home and relying on the sturdy construction at his grandfather's hands.

The house did stand, but Morgan was found in the attic, where the water rose and he drowned. Twyner said Morgan didn't know how to swim, but it was evident that he tried to kick through the roof as the water continued to rise.

A family friend found Morgan in the house a few days after the storm. He was the son of Elaine Morgan Guyot and was raised by his grandparents, John & Alberton Morgan.