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Linda Marie Moore, 45, Biloxi

Linda Marie Moore's life revolved around her three children and her grandchildren.

"Mom truly loved her family, especially all of those grandchildren," said daughter Tonya Moore. "She spent so much time with my oldest son, Marcus, 13. He was the joy of her life.

"Mom, who everybody knew as 'Buttercup,' always called Marcus 'Sweetpea,' " her daughter recalled. "I found out from mom's cousins at the funeral that the family named her 'Buttercup' because she was the shortest one in the family."

Moore, 46, was a single mom. She had two sons and a daughter and 13 grandchildren and the Biloxi native cherished them all.

"Mom enjoyed life, every day of it," said son Jeffery Moore. "She was always a stay-at-home mom loving her children and grandchildren. That's what she lived for."

Tonya said her mom kept everyone in stitches. "She really liked to clown around, especially if she had a drink. She was upfront about everything and just enjoyed life."