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Francis Alonzo Husley, 67, Biloxi

WOOLMARKET --- Friends knew Alonzo Husley was around when they heard his deep, bellowing laughter. It was a sound heard along the shore of the Biloxi River, where he used to run the Cricket Fish Camp, and in the Waffle House on Cedar Lake Road, where he was a regular and known as "Mr. T."

He was well-known in Woolmarket, the place he spent most of his life except for a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy and a brief stint in New Orleans. In the Navy, he was a machinist's mate. In civilian life, he worked in refrigeration.

"He was a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan, but he wouldn't admit it except to close friends and family members," said nephew Vince Husley. "He spent most of his time complaining about them."

Alonzo Husley wasn't French, but he hung out at the Fleur de Lis Club so much he was named an honorary member. His nieces and nephews called him Santa or PawPaw.

"He had a white beard," said Vince Husley. "He had a laughter that the kids used to think sounded like Santa."