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John 'Turkey Neck' Holley, 68, Biloxi

John "Turkey Neck" Holley of Biloxi would sit on the porch at night and watch the world pass.

He was not an outgoing man, according to daughter Latricia White, but he had lots of friends. Those friends would stop by for a visit on occasion, drawn to Holley's home because of his permanent smile and easy laugh.

When he walked off the porch and into his home, the real laughter would begin. One of his 13 kids would pull a recurring prank.

"We used to put a broom by the door and prop it up so that when he came in, the broom would hit him in the head," said Latricia.

Turkey Neck would run toward the children's rooms and pull his belt out. Everybody knew that Turkey Neck was just continuing the joke and everybody would scatter, giggling at their father's affected anger.

The former carpenter's modesty shaped his humor, said Juanita White, another daughter.

"He would always say, 'All my kids look just like me,' " she said.

Latricia said he loved saying that because he was known by friends and family for his long neck that stuck out like the fowl from which his nickname was borrowed.