Katrina + 10

Marian 'Aunt Mae' Favre, 73, Waveland

On sunny days neighbors would see Marian "Aunt Mae" Favre and her two sisters in front of their Arnold Street home working on their azaleas. The sisters took great pride in the colorful little flowers.

But Marian's nephew, Poss Tanguis, said the real magic happened in the kitchen.

"Aunt Mae made red beans you wouldn't believe, chicken and seafood gumbos and biscuits we would fight over."

The home she shared with her sisters and a niece was built by their father, said Jeannie Bradburn, a neighbor.

An old dog and a cat completed the little family. The sisters took turns walking the dog around the neighborhood, but time and Katrina eventually took their toll.

One sister died prior to the storm, and Marian perished in a house she took shelter in just north of the tracks. The third sister left the Coast after Katrina and moved to Ohio.

Tanguis said Aunt Mae never had any children of her own, but in her work as a baby sitter she had raised 35 or 40 children.

"If every woman were more like her, it would be a much more beautiful world," he said. "She was one beautiful lady, man."