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John Elvin Dickey, 61, Biloxi

John Elvin Dickey, 61, was active and outgoing, and he enjoyed singing.

"John was always so active. His godparents kept him busy and he played softball," said his sister Kathy Randolf. "We had a singing group of the three children (John, Kathy and Bruno) and Mom."

The family gospel group was started in 1956 when Randolf was 6. They traveled, singing mostly in churches and at some conventions and events. They also traveled some as the opening act with the Staple singers, a well-known gospel group. The group broke up after the boys graduated from high school, Randolf said, but Dickey didn't quit singing.

John P. Dickey remembers his Dad as an outgoing, likeable man who was active in his church, singing and traveling with the church choir.

His most recent memory of his father was him coming up last Christmas to Louisville, Ky., and what a time they had.

"We had a good time. We hung out together," he said. "But all I can say is that he was a loving Dad. I could talk to him about anything."