Katrina + 10

Joseph Campbell, 48, Biloxi

Joseph Campbell loved music.

"He liked Kid Rock and most rock 'n' roll," said Edward Goswick of the 48-year-old day laborer who worked through Labor Finders.

"He was a painter," said Goswick, who rode to work at the University of Southern Mississippi, Long Beach campus, with Campbell in the weeks before Katrina. "He was a laid-back, free spirit. Didn't a whole lot get to him. For the last two or three months he kept saying he wanted to go back to Tennessee, where he was from."

Goswick said he didn't know Campbell all that well but knew that Campbell liked to hang out at an American Legion post in Biloxi.

Campbell also was friends with John David and Susan Allen, kindred free spirits.

When Katrina was approaching, Campbell decided to stay with the Allens at the Tivoli hotel-motel, Goswick said.

"They stayed there, because he and J.D. were good buddies," Goswick said.

All three perished in the storm.

According to Labor Finders, Campbell didn't list any next of kin or any emergency contact information in his work file, but the organization confirmed he had been working at USM Long Beach in the days before Katrina.

"His leather jacket is still hanging in the paint shop," Goswick said.