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Marjorie Brecht, 82, Biloxi

Margery M. Brecht
Margery M. Brecht

Montelle Schwierjohn remembers Margery Brecht as a kind woman who loved her husband, Thomas.

Schwierjohn knew Margery briefly in the mid-1980s from her work as a nurse's assistant at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Biloxi.

Margery was a frequent visitor there when her husband was ill.

Her husband was a Bataan Death March survivor from World War II, Schwierjohn recalled, and was in the VA hospital in the mid-1980s.

"She worked part time as a substitute teacher (at that time)," Schwierjohn said. "She lived at Seashore Methodist (Assembly) grounds in Biloxi. She was a constant visitor there at the VA hospital in Biloxi with her husband. She was very attentive to her husband, although at the time, he was not very responsive."

Margery was also a veteran, according to information provided by the family of her son Thomas of Cleveland, Ala.

"She was an active member of the retired WAC Association," the information states. "The couple relocated to the Biloxi area about 30 years ago. As with many retired military people, the area afforded easy access to VA medical facilities and the amenities of Keesler AFB. The local people of Biloxi also were very hospitable towards retired military personnel."

Thomas died in 1988, and Margery was 82 when she died on Aug. 29 when Katrina came ashore. She was buried on Sept. 20 at Biloxi National Cemetery.