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Norma Gayle Bieller, 64, Lakeshore

To hear Gayle Bieller's favorite dish described is to instantly become hungry. It's called braccialoni, although nobody was really sure how to spell it.

"It's a round steak, stuffed with boiled eggs chopped up, Romano and Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs," said her daughter, Julie Ruesch, who cooks it herself. "You roll it up and fry it down in a little olive oil, and you put it in a real rich tomato sauce. It's really good."

Bieller was outgoing, a woman who loved to dance to country-western or 1950s music. She couldn't do as much the last dozen or so years of her life after she got ill, but still tried to make sure she spent time with her family, which grew to include nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

"When we were young, every weekend she made sure we went somewhere, the mall or movies," said Bridgette Vincent, another daughter. "She did a lot with us. She tried to do the same with the grandkids but she got sick with the diabetes and it slowed her lifestyle down."

Bieller, 64, lived her whole life in Lakeshore, "right on the corner of Lakeshore and Lower Bay Road," said Vincent.

She used to cook for big parties, but scaled back to family gatherings every Sunday. Cajun food was a specialty.

"Seafood gumbo, potato salad," Vincent said, "all the good stuff."

Good stuff, indeed.