Katrina + 10

Steven Austin Nesossis, 34, Biloxi

Steven Austin Nesossis was the kind of man who would give all he had to others.

"He'd give everything he had to people who didn't have anything -- and he didn't have anything, either," said his sister, Lisa Jones of Gulfport.

Nesossis, 34, once let an ex-girlfriend take his car, even though it left him without transportation, Jones said.

One of Jones' favorite memories of her brother was when they were 15 and 14 and their grandfather gave them $20 as they left for the annual Battle of the Bands marching band competition at Milner Stadium.

"We sat all day long watching bands and spent the whole $20 on something to eat," said Jones. "When we got home, they kept asking us if we wanted something to eat -- and we just couldn't eat nothing."

The two were close growing up, Jones said, often riding bicycles together and playing cowboys and Indians.

"I just miss him being around," she said.