Katrina + 10

Davis Hall Smith, 60, Waveland

Davis Hall Smith of Waveland operated a retail tobacco shop on Waveland Avenue, but his 60 years had been filled with more than one colorful career, including one in journalism, another in law.

He once worked as a news writer for the Jackson Daily News-Clarion Ledger (1969-72) and he practiced law in the 1980s, even serving as Jackson's assistant city attorney.

"He wanted a yacht really bad," his daughter Jenny remembered, "and I think his next purchase was going to be a big boat. But he only just got back to being fully functional (after a stroke) a couple of weeks before the storm."

She laughed a little upon remembering how excited her dad got when he was once again able to "get hold of the TV remote control. His recovery really was remarkable."

"Oh, yes," she said, "and he loved the movie 'Patton,' though I have no idea why." Smith was a former military man