Katrina + 10

Heydun Taylor, 81, Wiggins

Heydun Taylor enjoyed the simple life in his retirement years.

Taylor, 84, lived on the 40-acre plot of land near Wiggins where he had been born and raised at an address that bore his name: 32 Heydun Taylor Road.

He drove a truck for the public works department for most of his life, retiring 20 years ago to raise cattle on his father's farm.

"He was a simple man," said Tommy Taylor, his son. "He liked simple things. He loved to deer hunt when he was able. He went to church on Sundays."

Taylor rode the storm out with relatives and seemed fine when he was dropped off the next morning on his farmstead, Tommy Taylor said.

After walking around and seeing his destroyed barn and tractor shed and ruined property, Tommy Taylor said, the elder Taylor succumbed to the stress and passed away.

"The shock, looking at all the devastation . . . he couldn't do anything," Tommy Taylor said, adding that his father had become a little frail in his old age. "He wasn't able to help."

Taylor is listed as the lone victim of Hurricane Katrina in Stone County.