Katrina + 10

Josh Russell, 27, Lumberton

Duty. Honor. Country. Love. Always faithful.

Those words must have struck at Josh Russell's core every time he read them.

His neighbors and colleagues know that now when they look at the bare facts of his life.

Russell, 27, served in Iraq with the Marines. When he came back home to Mississippi, the Petal resident joined the state's National Guard.

A Mississippi National Guard spokeswoman said that he died on Aug. 29 when his vehicle struck storm debris on Interstate 59 in Pearl River County. Russell was on duty, helping with rescue operations during Katrina.

He really liked working outdoors and started his own yard and construction business, said his detachment readiness noncommissioned officer, Sgt. James Spiers.

"He was a really funny guy, a big jokester," Spiers said. "If you were in a conversation with him about something, he'd always spice it up. He'd dramatize it in a humorous way."

Spiers said Russell's dedication to getting the job done and his love of America shared a giant space in his heart with a consuming love of his family.

"He cared for his grandma and grandpa a lot, his two boys and his wife," he said. "I know his family was really important to him."