Katrina + 10

Kemp Ramsey Jr., 54, Biloxi

Kemp "Jug" Ramsey Jr. loved to talk, tell stories and play with words --- skewing them or making off-the-wall rhymes --- to make people laugh.

"I can't really even describe it to you --- but he would tell you a story, about anything, and he would start rhyming it," said his daughter, Tammy Gordon. "It just flowed naturally, and he would make everything he said funny. If he would cuss you out, it wouldn't be offensive. It would make you laugh."

Daughter Janice Ramsey remembers: "He loved to sit out on the porch and talk to anybody who came by. He always picked with the kids. He was always the life of the party."

Sadly, Jug Ramsey, 54, was joking and telling Camille stories when family members tried to talk him into leaving his Elmer Street home to shelter with them before Katrina. Ramsey drowned in his home.

"Honestly, the way he was talking and telling stories made us feel like he would be OK," Gordon said. "It's so hard. You feel so guilty, not getting him to leave."