Katrina + 10

Scott Preston, 34, Gulfport

Scott Preston, 34, like his father, was always a jokester, always ready to have fun and put family first.

"It didn't matter, they could be broke, but they had fun," said Scott's sister, Sheryl Turney.

Until he was 27, he worked in the radiology department at a Florida hospital where, Turney said, "the doctors, themselves, took him into their cardiologist unit, and they taught him. I was always impressed by that."

He was a big NASCAR fan, watched the races on TV every Sunday and rooted for Bill Elliott, but more than anything, his sister said, he enjoyed playing with his two boys and encouraging the dare devil in his niece, who is the only girl in the family. Neighborhood kids thought "Uncle Scott" was the cat's meow.

On Aug. 29, Scott, his wife and two sons were living temporarily with his parents at the Water's Edge and in the process of getting a place of their own. He'd gotten a job driving a cement truck for a Coast company and had just received his first paycheck.