Katrina + 10

Timothy Francis McCree, 50, Biloxi

Friends and co-workers remember Timothy Francis McCree as a fun-loving guy, with a good sense of humor, who liked to have a good time.

McCree, 50, of Biloxi, died in Katrina on Aug. 29.

McCree was a longtime Casino Magic Biloxi table games supervisor. He had recently moved to Treasure Bay Casino, only a couple of months before the storm, starting as a dealer but soon promoted to supervisor.

McCree was "an avid golfer," said Mark LaFontaine, a former Casino Magic employee who worked with McCree for more than 12 years. He said McCree was a big San Francisco 49ers fan, and "loved to fish."

"He was a really good guy," LaFontaine said. "He lived alone, as far as I know, didn't have a girlfriend or anything, and he's from California. Last year I know his dad, who's in California, and he took an RV trip through Alaska. They went salmon fishing, caught halibut and everything. He said they had a great time."

Mike Knight, a pit boss at Treasure Bay, said he hadn't gotten to know McCree very well yet, but "he seemed to be a nice, likeable guy."

"I came here from Nevada, and he had come here from there, too, so we had that in common," Knight said. "He got along with everybody. I was so sorry to hear about him passing."

Former Casino Magic employee Jimmy McGinniss said he considered McCree "a good egg." "He was a fun guy to be around, and appeared to really enjoy life," McGinniss said. "He had a sense of humor, and that always helps in the casino business.

"He deserves to be remembered."