Katrina + 10

Rose Marie Walls, 56, Gulfport

It was, admittedly, an unusual nickname.

"All her friends called her Miss Pineapple. I don't know why," said Corine Brewer about her aunt, Rose Marie Walls.

She first heard the nickname a long time ago.

"One day we were talking and she said, child, Miss Pineapple don't get that," she said. She asked her why she was called that, but she either can't remember or was never told.

Rose Marie Walls, 56, of Gulfport, died Aug. 29. It wasn't until two months after the hurricane that Brewer learned the fate of her aunt, who stayed in an apartment on Biloxi's Back Bay with her boyfriend, Stanley Jones.

Brewer said her aunt was born in the Delta and moved to Gulfport when she was about 20 years old. She was frequently around children as a baby sitter.

"She was a sweet person, and she loved people. She had so many friends," said Brewer, who has fielded a lot of calls from those who knew her aunt.

"She had a beautiful voice and could sing like an angel," said her niece, adding that now, "God has another voice in His choir."