Katrina + 10

Charles Franklin, 83, Biloxi

Charles Franklin of Biloxi, Hurricane Katrina victim
Charles Franklin of Biloxi, Hurricane Katrina victim

Kate Benson remembers her father, Charles Franklin, as a great storyteller and fisherman. "He would take a painting and tell us a story about the painting, and we would be in that painting," she said.

"Living in Biloxi he would say, 'I'm going to take my fishing pole out in my back yard and catch my dinner.' "

And he could. He lived on Back Bay near Popp's Ferry Road. Franklin always kept a bag of bait in the refrigerator, ready at a moment's notice to instill in his children or grandchildren the art of fishing.

Della McCaughan remembers how the 84-year-old New York native loved Mississippi.

"He had a sign in his den given to him by his daughter (Benson) that said, 'I wasn't born in Mississippi, but I got here as quick as I could,' " said McCaughan, who became his friend when he married her late sister, Grace.

McCaughan loved to listen to his stories of World War II when he was a world-traveling Merchant Marine. He should have written a book about it, she said.