Katrina + 10

Patricia Carey, 73, Waveland

Patricia Carey was born in Iowa and spent most of her life there until she took a trip to the Coast 15 years ago.

She fell in love. Not with a person, with the place.

Daughter Chelle Lee of Iowa said her mother, a true lady who never told her age, returned home from her visit to Waveland, packed her things and headed back south.

"She thought it was so beautiful," Lee said.

On Aug. 29, Carey died along with dozens of others who chose to ride out Hurricane Katrina at home. Another daughter, Linda Fallon of Bay St. Louis, survived the storm. She found Carey's body sitting in a chair in the living room of her Pine Shadow apartment.

Carey loved the beach so much she wanted some of her ashes spread on the beach in Waveland.

Lee said she remembers an occasion when she and her mother went to the beach in February. Everyone else there was cold except for them, because they were from Iowa.

"We were on a blanket looking at the water," Lee said.