Katrina + 10

James Madison, 50, Biloxi

James Madison, known as Jimbo, loved fishing South Mississippi's waters and is remembered as a top-notch angler. In addition to his love of fishing, Madison also is remembered for his love of family.

It was love for his uncle George Buckland that kept him in Biloxi as Hurricane Katrina made landfall on Aug. 29 and ultimately claimed both their lives.

Madison, 50, worked at the popular Schooner Restaurant on the Point in Biloxi as a cook.

"He was a happy-go-lucky guy who also worked at some of the casinos," said his sister-in-law Tammy Madison of Birmingham, Ala. "He was a really good-hearted guy who retired from the Navy. He was single and had no children, but he loved his uncle, George Buckland.

"He had a lot of friends, but liked to be by himself. He loved to ride his bicycle and always spoke to people. He just loved the Coast."

Joe Lancon, owner of the Schooner, called Madison a great person and excellent worker who was saving his money to buy a ranch back East.

"He lived in the apartments behind the Schooner," Tammy said. "We think he went to the Tivoli Hotel to be with his uncle. They loved each other, and they loved the Coast."