Hurricane Katrina

Doris Murphy, 76, Waveland

Doris Murphy was "feisty," said her daughter, Maureen Burnett.

Murphy moved to Waveland less than two years ago to be near her grandchildren, and because South Mississippi was far more affordable than the Chicago suburb she left behind.

Murphy was a headstrong woman, raised on a farm in South Dakota. She lived in Chicago for much of her life, and like many people there, she was an avid Cubs fan.

Burnett, who has left Waveland after 11 years to start a new life in Lafayette, La., said she talked her mother into leaving last year when Hurricane Ivan swirled through the Gulf.

"I made her leave for Ivan the year before, and she said she would never leave again," Burnett said. "She was feisty and independent; had she not been so independent she may still be here."

Murphy died in her home, a few blocks from the beach, on Aug. 29. She was 76.

"Mom said she would be fine, and the Cubs were playing and she had to watch the games," Burnett said. "I lost my crystal ball in the hurricane, so I don't know how anyone can recover from this; I miss her a lot."